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Hand- made Nature Inspired Art

Mixed media Art  - on Canvas, Card and Fabric:



An exploration of materials used to achieve apt yet innovative effects, an energetic fusion created through effective pieces of colour, texture and pattern.


This fusion, which involves a collaboration of spontaneous art and depth, entwined with delicate design, will simply make an impact on your environment.


The colours, alongside the textures are luscious yet organic, dazzling but muted, uniquely delicate yet husky, subtle and engaging, understated yet captivating, warm but afar and wrapped in this ....... indefinable elegance.


Using elements of the wall art -as a continuation, BevSamantha also enjoys designing art cards... journal/ diary/book covers... God knows what she will do next...


Carrying out commission based projects or creating works of art for individuals and fulfilling those requests with an 'excellent' result makes her pleased.


She does this in the most dynamic, diverse and unique way.



*Information about materials and processes can be found in the gallery section.




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