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Payment methods:  cash and cheques are acceptable.


Alternatively, payments can be made through the BevSamantha Etsy shop link below. Please note that only a limited amount of items are displayed there - and on very limited made to odrer 



*For actual originals please make direct contact







Packaging : Purchases are uniquely gift wrapped-  then securely and carefully packaged, to ensure they reach you undamaged.




Shipping & Delivery : Purchases are dispatched within a maximum of 7-14 working days. 



Customer Satisfaction matters to BevSamantha. If for whatever reason, you are not saitisfied with your purchase a 7 days refund/ exchange policy will apply- added with your valid reason.



For any further queries : Please do not hesitate to make contact. All emails are responded to, promptly and swiftly :






I believe an original /first piece of work is made with this......  unbeatable, inherent quality of energy and essence and can not be matched- or replaced.


BevSamantha Strongly Believes in Authenticity and Integrity.

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