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Journal /Book Cover Designs

Designed with the recognition that journals, diaries and note books should also be aesthetically pleasing. To many of us they are still necessities and something which gets used often, throughout the day.


Durability, adorability and functionality were in mind when these were created.








With the acknowledgement that we do naturally become attached to our belongings, upon request BevSamantha also designs and produces detachable covers allowing the freedom to re-use on another diary, book or journal, year after year.












Particular about colour and texture the fabric bases are carefully selected- the properties of a fabric, alongside the appearance gets considered:


The fabric base usually gets prepared beforehand by manipulating its colour by meticulously hand-dying or stripping { sometimes laboriously and repeatedly}  -to get an exact desired shade or tone.


They are usually finished with a uniqiue Bevsamantha handmade nature inspired motif design or adorned with an embellishment, one which works in sync.  

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