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Smaller Wall Art


11.8 " by 16" Mixed Media Art on 100% Stretched Cotton Canvas

Smaller pieces here are mostly snappy, shabby chic style pieces, of art- to add to your creative environment.






The wall art pieces { both smaller and larger} are more concerned with effective use of colour and texture. Materials repeatedly used includes coffee and tea, translucent metallics along with the standard oil, water and acrylic paints. Intriguing found/ recycled bits of paper, wire, beads/ gems, thread and string, alongside materials obtained directly from nature itself.


Application methods and techniques are broad and vast, - the pieces are indicative and references to experiences and an interest for art disciplines, including Fine Art, Textile Design, Fibre/ Textile Art and Surface Decoration.

Expression and interpretaion tends to takes shape in the the form of Semi Abstract Art- the area where my unique perception, instincts, added with skill for design, comes into play.


Within the framework of a specific and well researched project or theme, colour, imagery and sketches are finely collated, usually in mood board format- from here, decision makings of each piece of a collection is usually instinctive and flows naturally yet within the strict parameters- of a style which is ultimately, true to me. 

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As seen in the Interior scene photos, protective covers are now available. The covers are made with slender pieces of pine wood {1.5cm w & 0.5d} securely attached around the rim of the canvas, then covered with fine acetate perspex.


The pine wood could be painted white or left natural, exposing its beautiful neutral tones and wooden state.


This was brought about by the idea to simply 'cover and protect', without detracting from the art work - they are optional.

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