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Dec.15- Velvet farbric / branch, notebook, cover design.



May.16- Genuine leather/ feather, sacred book, detachable protector & attached cover, designs.

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Sep/13. Harvest Festival- Art Gallery Event.



My thoughts were simple


Nature is not only aesthetically pleasing but through nature our basic needs are being met.

Through nature we are also clothed... bathed... and above all, nourished. 

The next time it rains, instead of grumbling, breath and remember those lands that are dying for rain.


Thank you God- for providing for me.


Have a great Autumn.






Dec /13. A Treasured Seasonal Moment-


I finally and reluctantly decided to let go of my car {of 15 years}. However, my heart sank as we stood and watched it go away, into the distance. Funny, because I actually get a similar feeling each and every time I part with a piece of my work.....



Good- bye car:)











 Feb.2014 Handmade Art


Upon request, I went about trying to reproduce the smaller  x3 piece, organic, rustic panels, the usual way. In the process, and for some unclear reason I was compelled towards the rich Egyptian tones of gold and black?

On updating my customer, I was advised to continue, with this notion- I finished the pieces by incorporating fine strands of gold covered thread....


...... The Beauty of Handmade Art.



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Sep/14. On a Morning's Jog


Treading the ground of a huge familiar open space - I immediately sense serenity. Taking in the scenery ...... the air,  I focus on the stretch of land before me, beneath the infinite sky.


Without going into the obvious health benefits, which we often read about, we're reminded once again of our small existence-within the universe; it's humbling and its free! Give it a go !










01. Jan 2015

Wow.......the bright lights, serene sounds of falling rain, faint voices of inquisitive children - amidst the stunningly calm air. Overwhelmed by this rush of extreme peace, I couldn't stop smiling.....
.........& happy new year- to you.


Peace and Joy to you all!
















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