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I have been creating from as far as I can remember and from an early age took training within various areas of Art and Design. 1999, I then graduated with  a Textile Design degree-in Yorkshire.


After I embarked upon another somewhat enjoyable and valuable career, recently life just had a way of bringing me back to what I was born to do. Getting the chance to release my ideas through art,  yet again, is amazingly refreshing.

With the various studies taken within visual art {& design} and the influences picked up along the way, coupled with the time away- amounts to what I produce now.


I value nature... air...'s  through this that life and all its quirky lIttle happenings beautifully and tenderly presents itself.

I use mixed media and take advantage of exploring different materials to achieve apt yet innovative effects. My current wall- art is more concerned with effective use of colour, texture and subtle patterning.


As an extension of my wall art I also like using my art for cards and diary /journal / book covers.....


I don't feel we should be limited in any way. I enjoy getting those initial ideas down... I value spontaneity. Hand-made art embraces this and in a world dominated by commercialism ....God, I am finding that I am reluctantly making small compromises!


 I find beauty in aspects and elements of nature. I am strongly concerned with colour and texture- and what they can achieve. I am more drawn towards abstract and expressionism art, although I have a natural appreciation for a broad range of works.  I am into Interiors and Decoration, particurlarly Home Interiors and my art works in conjunction with this.

On a professional path I had this real burning desire to go out into the open air, with my art- to simply showcase my work...... in the most natural way.


I opted for and happily and casually went about travelling around to various locations in London, generally exposing my work. In turn, this gave me greater insight- I found this amazing, interesting, encouraging and rewarding.

My art continues to be featured in events , exhibitions, art stores & galleries


My ideas are instinctive and flows continuously, like a river.....



Hope you enjoy my work.




For a deeper impression, visit the gallery section. Also take a look at some of the recent exhibitions and events.



*BevSamantha strongly believes in Art Authenticity and Integrity

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